Week 1

This week was an interesting start to eCommerce. The main idea of if a product or a business model should be chosen first was the focus. I decided to write both an essay for choosing a product first and another essay for choosing the model first to see which argument I could present stronger. I first was inclined to pick a product first as the ultimate path to follow, but upon further thought, I decided to go with picking a model. This is especially true if I am uncertain as to what product I should pick. By narrowing down the goal I have for my business then pairing it with a business model first, I will open myself up to products that I may have not considered before. Matching my capabilities and time constraints with the process ensures that I have the skills needed to carry the product forward to be successful. Also, the ability to duplicate the model with several products is also a pull for me to streamline a model process to create many businesses.

I keep feeling as though I should decide concretely what I should be doing for my business. I now think that I should be open to the knowledge that is coming and be will to change directions based on what I learn.

When it comes to picking a product or category to sell, Google Keywords search is an amazing way to quantify the number of searches and competition. By having a concrete number attached to the number of people searching for a word, it can show what opportunity truly exists.

Another concept I have been mulling over for the past months is the concept of never being ready. I have understood this concept better when applied to service. If I am to wait for the perfect situation for me to serve my fellow man, I will never serve. As I helped organize the community that I live in to help a homeless family with small children buy an RV, I had a few people close to me tell me that perhaps I should not spend so much time on it considering my own family is not doing great financially. I usually would have been inclined to listen, but I know that I was suppose to help this family at this time. Their suggestions were not entirely unhelpful as I made sure to be honest about how much time and energy I had to contribute to this cause. The lessons I learned about empathy and putting into practice the talk, “Are We Not All Beggars” was life changing.

This is how I thought about starting college back up. I have 3 children 5 and under and a demanding calling in the Relief Society presidency. I certainly have enough reasons to put something on the back burner for now. But, again, I felt the Lord prompt me when I heard in the Pathway presentation that for Latter-day Saint, education is a commandment. I felt as though the time was now. It would not be easy, but I would be successful. I remind myself of this this week when all 3 children have the flu which means no Preschool or a day of babysitting so I can complete my work.

When I attended at Portland Code School, I was so nervous! I knew from basics from online courses, and knew I used to be able to learn fast, but I had no idea what to expect. I showed up and we covered more in one Saturday then I had an entire semester in a class I took at BYU-Idaho. But I learned something about myself. I most certainly have lost a few brain cells after each child I had, but if I focused and left myself open to absorb the material, I could do it! And do it well! There was no way to feel as though I was ultimately prepared for the class, except my showing up.

As I worked with at a business doing shipping solutions while my husband is the General Manager for their other businesses, I have learned so many lessons from working closely with the owners. I have seen how waiting to know everything perfectly is not the way to do business. I have seen time and time again them take on a new idea with the assumption that they can figure it out. And they do! Their attitude is “Why Not?!” I am resourceful person who networks well, so I now see that I also can take on that attitude. It is taking those first unknown steps that is the most frightening.

It has been lessons learned in layers that has brought me to the point of being ready to learn the nuts and bolts about eCommerce and how to actually make it happen. The fear is gone, and excitement is now in it’s place.

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