Week 3- Site Builders and Hosting

Site Builders

When it comes to a site builders, my skill set determines the which type I will be using.

1. Drag and Drop- These sites have premade templates and are a user friendly option especially for anyone not familiar with coding. They often come with a bit of support. Many can handle ecommerce or a blog-type format. The downside is that there is a loss of control so it may not be able to expand the way I planned as my business grows.

Examples: Wix.com Weebly.com Webstarts.com Bluevoda.com

2.Content Management Systems-In this category there is more flexibility, but that comes at the price of having a knowledge base to use that flexibility. They have the ability to build most any type of website.

Examples: wordpress.org squarespace.com joomla.com drupal.com

3. html editors- More difficult to use in that a knowledge of coding is essential to use. This allows for the most flexibility. Any idea is limited only by my ability to perform it. There are free templetes available at www.openwebdesign.org

Examples: Dreamweaver.com myfreewebsitebuilder.com Trellion

For my content based business that will be using affiliate links, I decided on wordpress.org. I already am familiar with the site, but have much more to learn. I want to use this class and business as a way to continue to become more familiar with the program. WordPress offers more than I need for this business model, but will allow me to easily expand to ecommerce and reservations for my Tiny Homes.

Later, I want to get into understanding Dream Weaver. I do not know anything about photoshop, and once I take the class on it, I feel like I will have the skills that make Dream Weaver a great tool to present a visually stunning website. Also, it works with WordPress.org and other sites, so my pursuit of wordpress is not all for naught.


When choosing a host, there a several criteria to weigh to decide which one is best for my situation. Some criteria I considered were: price per month, how long I am locked into using that host, if they offered an AdWords credit, and if a domain was included. Other criteria that should be considered is: the level of support offered, any other add ons that I would need to buy anyway (such as WHOIS protection), if email comes with it, and the amount of space you are allotted. Many of the hosting sites are unlimited in the space you can use. It is important to examine if the site builder works well with the hosting site. For example, several hosting sites play especially well with wordpress.org, thus making it easier to have them together.

Examples of hosting sites: Bluehost.com HostGator.com JustHost.com ipage.com

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