Week 4- Site Design and Credit Card Payments

Site Design

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to web design is the ease of navigation and reading. The site needs to be a space in which people feel comfortable in so that they stick around and will purchase products or read the content I develop. This is done through having a pleasing type face, font, and layout. Not all font types are available on all machines or browsers, so it is important to use one that is, or include an alternative in the coding so that people can view the site as intended.

Colors should be easy to read, not flashing or crowding- pretty much avoid everything akin to what Myspace looked like.

Layouts should give room for the words to breathe and images should have a alternative text to display if it does not load, or if someone is using a program to read the content since they are blind. Easy navigation is essential as people will leave the site in frustration if they cannot manage to get to where they want to.

It is important that key search words are being used in the content part of the website so that search engines are sending traffic to your website.


8 Tips for Designing a Great Website

Basic eCommerce Web Design

Designing a Website Knowledge Base

Credit Card Payments

Paypal is one way easy way to receive payments on a website, though there are fees charged for the service. Once an account is set up, a “Buy Now” button is easily placed the website under the product image. The benefit to this kind of pay system is ease in which options are created within the button if there are multiple sizes or colors. Paypal is an internationally recognized payment system that people trust. The company using Paypal will still have to absorb the liability for any fraudulent purchases.

Using Paypal can be a bit time consuming if the customer has not yet set up a Paypal account, resulting in the loss of the sale if the person does not wish to register. It is important to see how the demographic I am targeting prefers to pay.







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