Week 6- Adwords Campaigns and Keywords Basics

Entering the world of Adwords and Google Keywords seems like slipping into Alice In Wonderland’s rabbit hole. It is a whole new world in which the language and processes are all foreign. There are a few subjects I have studied in the past in which once people jump into them, they have a difficult time explaining the basics. The only way to learn it is to jump in. It is not something that can be conceptually understood in a brief passing. Lucky for me, this class pushes me in the deep water and demands that I swim!

Adwords Campaigns

First batter up was Adwords Campaigns. An Adwords Campaign is an advertisement set up with Google to show up on user’s screens when they search certain words on Google’s search engine. Considerations that must be taken are: which language is your ad to appear in? Which countries do you want to be able to view your ad? How much do you want to spend daily on your ad? Do you want to manually place your bids, or do you want Google to do it automatically up to a certain dollar amount you dictate? What devices do you want your ad to show on? You can also exclude certain searches lest you are having to pay for someone accidentally clicking on your ad who is looking for eye GLASSES when you are selling drinking GLASSES.

Reference Links:

Set up your account and start advertising

Video of how to set up your AdWords account

AdWords Help Center

AdWords Coupon Credit!

Don’t Break AdWord’s Rules


Next we pressed ever forward through Keywords. Keywords are words you pay to attach to your website so that when that keyword is searched: BAM! Your website pops up, making it more likely that your site will be selected thus more likely to put your on your way to being wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. (Or hopefully just purchase something from  your website).

Keyword selections is… well… key to success. Too narrow of phrases and words will result in lost clicks. Too broad and you will be getting people to your website that have no interest in what you are selling. The best keywords are 2-3 words that are an accurate reflection on what you are doing on your website. Good campaigns contain at least 20 good keywords. Consider creating an Excel spreadsheet with columns for: Keyword, Group Theme, Match Type, Scrub, and any Comments as a way to keep track and brainstorm good keywords to be used.

Helpful Links:

How Keywords Work

How to Choose the Right Keywords- Video

How to Build the Best Keywords List

Add Negative Keywords to you Campaign


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