Week 7- Google and Google Ad Groups

Google Ads are similar to a newspaper classified that shows up on the side of the google search browser. The concept behind it is that your ad will only show up for relevant searches to your ad. There are a few lines with specific number of characters included in the ad.

Length limits

Max length
(most languages)
Max length
(double-width* languages)
Headline: 25 characters 12 characters
Display URL: 35 characters 17 characters
Description line 1: 35 characters 17 characters
Description line 2**: 35 characters 17 characters

With an ad looking like this:

Advertise with Google
Want jaw-dropping results?
Create your ad campaign today
Display URL

Headline: The first thing to catch a prospective customer’s eye. Make sure to include keywords so you have a bigger chance of capturing a relevant search.

Display URL: The website of your business. (Not necessarily where the ad will put the customer if they click on your ad)

Description: 1-2 lines that should be used to draw in a customer. If there is an action item or phrase that would draw someone in, use it here. Sometimes the second line gets dropped by Google.

You can also direct the customer to whichever page on your site you would like to. To begin doing Google Ads it is best to come up with 3-4 different ads. Google will continue to push the ad that is doing the best. This way, you can experiment a bit with what works.

Weekly Reflection: I began this week doing a bit of freelance web development. It became apparent that perhaps not all small businesses would be good candidates for SEO where you pay Google for Ads or keywords bidding. This particular customer thought they wanted me to do that, but did not realize that part of SEO is paying google for keywords. Especially where she is a very small business and wants to keep it that way for several more years, networking seems to be a better investment of her time and money for her service related businesses. I will just fix her site up to be more SEO friendly, but leave it at that while I construct her new website.


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