Week 8- Relevanace/ Quality Score and Installing Google Analytics

Relevance & Quality Score

This week was a tough one for me as working with Google Analytics seems to be part science, part jumping in and getting your hands dirty. There are plenty of videos throughout the internet that can tell me how to improve my relevance and quality score, but it seems as though experience is the best way to solidify it in my brain.

So what IS Relevance?

When a user searches Google for something, Google wants to show ads that are most likely fulfill the need that the user was looking for.

But how can you know how relevant your website is?

Through use of a Quality Score.

You find your Quality Score under the Keywords tab in your Google Adwords Account. Hovering over the speech box will give you the rating. It is a rating out of 10. 10 is the best and is updated constantly. The quality score determines how much you pay for your ad, the higher your position the less you have to pay for your ad.

Things that affect your quality score; relevance to the words people searched for, if people found your ad relevant to their search and then clicked on it, your landing page’s quality, and other factors.


Check and Understand Quality Score

Expected Click Through Rate

Ad Relevance

Landing Page Experience 

Improve Your Ad Quality

Quality Score-Video

Troubleshooting the Google Landing Page

10 Ways to Improve Your Quality Score

Anatomy of an Auction

Installing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a program that assesses a website’s statistics. Things that it can track how people find your site and what they do on your site. It can take a couple of days for it to be activiated on the website.

Important information that will be gathered are: how many people visited the site, how much time did they spend on the site, how they found the site, what part of the world were they from, did they purchase or so something else, and where they left the website and why.

If you have and AdWords account, you can sign up for Google Analytics through the Reporting and Tools tabs. Otherwise, it can be signed up through www.google.com/analytics.

You have to ad a tracking code to your website, I found the easiest way was to just copy the code and paste it into the page I wanted tracked. Make sure not to just track the homepage, but paste the code onto each page since you are interested on what a person does on all pages of your site.

A great way to use the Google Analytics tools is to watch what changes if I change something on my website. If I move the placement of a link on my site, will it result in people staying on my site longer? This kind of information is valuable to have.


Getting Started with Analytics

Set up Web Tracking Code

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress and Weebly-Video

How to Install Google Analytics on Wix

Analytics Academy

How to Create Analytics Goals


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