Week 10- Landing Page Optimization and Website Optimizer & Basic SEO

Landing Page

Let’s roll our sleeves up and get working on that Landing Page!

The landing page is where a user ends up when they click on your ad or on your search engine result. What is displayed on that page is essential to get conversions– where you make your money. Your content must be relevant to the focus of your site, the navigation of your page must be easy to navigate and should aim to promote trustworthiness by giving good information before asking user’s to subscribe or purchase anything. This would be a good time to visit the Keywords tab on google to see what your landing page quality score is.

Are you unsure of which landing page experience would provide you with the best conversion results? Google offers experiments in which you can try a few different landing pages to see if it increases the statistics on your website.

Reflection: This week I adjusted my ads to land on different landing pages. Whereas I was directing all of my ads with the hope that a user would navigate to my ‘shop’ page, I am switching my ads to each land on a different page to see if it increases my conversions.


Understanding Landing Page Experiences

Does your Landing Page Seal the Deal

Basic Strategies for Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages

Create Better Websites: Introducing Content Experiments

Content Experiments the Benefits

Requirements & Sign In

The Content Experiments Interface

Elements of an Experiment

Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process that a computer uses to “read your website to find your website. At least that is the hope that your have your site optimized to be found! Things that can improve a site’s SEO would be providing alt tags for images, having good H1  headers that relate to good keywords that you have researched on google analytics. Use those good keywords throughout your landing page so that those words can be attributed to your website.

Backlinks are also a way that you can alert google and other search engines to the validity of your websites. Backlinks are links via other websites or when people share your content from your site on their social media platforms. All of these things are tracked and linked together to show that your site is useful to many people, so search engines will then display your site more often.


What is Search Engine Optimization/SEO

Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization

Backlinks Checker Tool

Google SEO

Webmaster guidelines

Webmaster Tool Checklist


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