Social Media for SEO

Social Media for SEO

Participating in social media is almost a requirement for advertising these days. This isn’t the old newspaper article. Social media engagement requires a friendlier approach. It is a real time conversation with customers that reminds people to stop in.

First you must determine which social media channels suits your business based on where your potential customers are: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube? If you are present on a social media site that your customer’s are not, you are just wasting your energy.

Once you are present on the social media site, it’s time to get networking! Expand your network by spending a consistent amount of time daily ‘liking’, ‘friending’, or commenting on other’s posts.

Content is king on social media. Provide good content, and especially original content, and people will keep coming back for more.

As you are expanding your social network, make sure you are measuring it by going to google analytics and specifically tracking which social networks are sending you viewers.

Create both short and long term goals for your website outlining your Social Media Optimization plan.

Here was my plan for my B250 Class:

Restful Nook’s Social Media Plan

Description of Target Audiences:

20-30’s- Environmentally and money conscious. Looking for a lifestyle experience rather than

owning many material possessions.

50-60’s- Either: Looking for an alternative environmentally conscious lifestyle, looking for a

vacation home, or looking to add a studio or guest house to their existing house.

Where I Can Find my Audience:

In addition to other Tiny Home Sites, I will be able to find my target audience in places related to: yoga, gardening, homesteading, hiking, recycling, working with fibers, art communities, and those interested in natural products.

Daily Implementations:

Spending time daily to interact with the Tiny House community I am seeking to build is essential for growing my network of contacts. By investing 10-30 minutes a day reading other people’s content, liking, friending, commenting, or following posts will help build the interactions that will share the content that I create.

Content Creation:

Create unique content 1 time a week with sharing of useful content 1-2 other times a week. Content that is not just reshared is more rare than I realized. By creating my own unique content, I will be able to provide interest in a segment where people are looking to find new sources of ideas and information. By sharing other people’s content that does not get me sales directly, I can position myself as a trustworthy source to find out about all things about Tiny Houses.

Additional Social Media Outlets:

Along with sharing on social media, I need to add Twitter to Restful Nook’s social media presence as well as it’s own Pinterest account to share further the content I create and pass along. Though I have several good social media sharing icons, I need to ensure every post is incredibly easy to share via social media.

Long-Term Goals:

Restful Nook is set in a perfect spot to gain connections outside of the online world with Tiny Houses. My goal would be to attend the once a month meetups for the Tiny House community in Portland, Oregon to network. From these meetings I will meet people who I can create unique content with as well as learn more about the laws for vacation rentals with this type of property to get my Restful Nook vacation rental property actualized.

Tracking Changes:

To track the effectiveness of sharing my content on social media, I need to add Facebook and twitter to my Google Analytics tracking. From this, I will be able to better see which content readers find intriguing, and especially which content prompts users to purchase a book.


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Explore and educate yourself on different social networking sites. After viewing the links, list 4 social media sites you can market your website on and choose one to list steps on how you can market your site on it.

My response from the class:


Currently, I linked my business’ website to my own personal Pinterest account. I will instead create a Pinterest board for Restful Nook’s exclusive use. When I create unique content I will Pin my own blog posts and Pin several of the pictures so I can see which pictures are the most compelling. I will follow users who follow other Tiny House industry leaders. Those people who follow me back on Pinterest will be more likely to be interested in the content of my site since they are already exploring the Tiny House category.

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