Week 12- Ranking and Link Building & Google Analytics Overview

Ranking and Link Building

Google uses algorithms to decide which pages to display. The key to have your site be found on the internet is to understand what factors are considered. One of these factors is link building. Link building is when your website url is referenced on another website as a link. For instance, if someone reviewed some of your content on your site then provided a link to visit your site. It becomes especially relevant when the site is in the same category as yours, and has good keywords in it’s description, the link contains keywords, and your article contains good keywords. You can see why it is so important to take the time to research good keywords on the Keyword page on Google Adwords.


Intro to Link Building
Advanced Link Building Strategies
Link Building Strategies: Check List
Google Webmaster Guidelines
SEOmoz.org Beginners Guide to SEO


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to check in on the health of your website and see what you can improve. It has so many reports you can explore, but those reports are only useful if you change your website in response to deficits in your site. A good first step is to analyze which keywords and landing pages are not doing well and evaluate why that is. If you can see which landing pages are not doing as well, this can determine how you want to create future ads or if you want to shut down an ad that is not performing well.


Getting Started with Google Analytics- Video
Find Your Way Around Analytics
11 Digital Crimes Against Humanity
How to Link Google AdWords and Analytics


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